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  1. bengra

    F1 Delta Time

    Die Auktion hat begonnen: https://opensea.io/assets/0x3c62e8de798721963b439868d3ce22a5252a7e03/1963
  2. bengra

    F1 Delta Time

    Formula 1® race car NFT “Japan Edition 2019” auction begins 14 October 2019 https://www.animocabrands.com/japan-edition-2019-car-nft
  3. bengra

    Animoca Brands

  4. bengra

    Animoca Brands

    Animoca Brands to develop official MotoGP™ game, raises capital at premium A share placement raising $1 million has been completed at 20 cents, an 11.6% premium to the 14-day VWAP: https://www.proactiveinvestors.com.au/companies/news/903508/animoca-brands-to-develop-official-motogp-game-raises-capital-at-premium-903508.html
  5. Google könnte vielleicht bald die Algorythmen von Cryptocurrencies knacken: https://summit.news/2019/09/21/googles-quantum-supremacy-to-render-all-cryptocurrency-military-secrets-breakable/
  6. bengra


    Eine Geschichte darüber, wie Harmony sich beim Aufbau eines offenen Konsensusprotokolls für 10 Milliarden Menschen durchsetzt: https://medium.com/kysenpool/boundaries-of-human-persistence-f5fde77edd37
  7. bengra


    Lympo kooperiert mit Harmony: https://medium.com/lympo-io/harmony-and-lympo-partner-to-provide-scalable-and-secure-sharing-of-health-data-4cd618fe0115
  8. bengra


    Harmony kooperiert mit Lympo: https://medium.com/lympo-io/harmony-and-lympo-partner-to-provide-scalable-and-secure-sharing-of-health-data-4cd618fe0115
  9. bengra

    Animoca Brands

    4D and Half Yearly Report: https://hotcopper.com.au/attachments/02142295-pdf.1718339/
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